How to Write Effective Text Messages for Sales

Contrary to some opinions, text messages can be an effective marketing technique. Since most businesses use email or social media to reach out to their potential clients, SMS will put you in direct focus. While people can overlook emails in their crowded inbox, they can’t avoid the text message. What makes some business owners and […]

A2P sms

What is A2P SMS?

A2P SMS means Application to Person Short Message Service. An answer tot he question, “What is A2P SMS?” is this is the service that used when messages are being sent from an application to a mobile user. This type of SMS is also known as enterprise or professional SMS. The message begins in a business […]

Texting in the sky, while in flight with T-Mobile

Impact-Site-Verification: 14681765-a416-4e73-a0a7-6f1728f6497b Today, T-mobile has announced that now it offers texting in the flights, covered by most text messaging plans.  Customers need to have a plan with Gogo as well, which is an internet provider in some flights.  This new cool feature will allow customers to keep in touch with their close ones, even at […]

Buy SMS credits with Bitcoins

SendSMSnow accepts Bitcoins as a way to purchase SMS credits.  You can choose the package below and send the bitcoin amount to the following address: 1K3hftjtB9hzJ4nVoo5Gau66cYep1fgm5C Number of credits Bitcoins (BTC) 5000 0.05 10000 0.1 20000 0.2 50000 0.5 100000 1 200000 2 Once you send the payment, please emails us to support [at] […]