How to save Instagram photos to your PC

This is a good trick, if you’d like to save some of your favorite Instagram photos on your PC. Can not be done on mobile device, or if someone has found a way, please share.


  1. Go to and your favorite brand page. You will need to use MOZILLA browser for this exercise.
  2. Select the photo, right click and click on “Open link in new tab”

Instagram download photo


  1. After you open the photo in a new browser tab, right click and select “Inspect elements”:

Download instagram photos instructions



  1. When you see the HTML code, in the browser below, you will need to select the photo file location, ending in “.jpg”. Double click on it, only once, and I will automatically select. After you select it, copy it and then paste it in a new browser window.

Download instagram photo




  1. After you paste the JPG photo URL in a new browser window, you can zoom the image and simply right click, and click on “save image as”

Download instagram photos


  1. You are done! Enjoy your Instagram photos on your PC.

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