Texting in the sky, while in flight with T-Mobile

Impact-Site-Verification: 14681765-a416-4e73-a0a7-6f1728f6497b Today, T-mobile has announced that now it offers texting in the flights, covered by most text messaging plans.  Customers need to have a plan with Gogo as well, which is an internet provider in some flights.  This new cool feature will allow customers to keep in touch with their close ones, even at […]

Buy SMS credits with Bitcoins

SendSMSnow accepts Bitcoins as a way to purchase SMS credits.  You can choose the package below and send the bitcoin amount to the following address: 1K3hftjtB9hzJ4nVoo5Gau66cYep1fgm5C Number of credits Bitcoins (BTC) 5000 0.05 10000 0.1 20000 0.2 50000 0.5 100000 1 200000 2 Once you send the payment, please emails us to support [at] sendsmsnow.com […]