EngageBay Versus Active Campaign Versus MailChimp: Who Has Better Features and Pricing

While conducting business activities, we tend to look for the very best all the features and tools that we can on various platforms where we can organize our business for maximum efficiency and profitability. When we talk about platforms and tools that would help you spread your digital footprint even with the IoT and the […]

How to Write Effective Text Messages for Sales

Contrary to some opinions, text messages can be an effective marketing technique. Since most businesses use email or social media to reach out to their potential clients, SMS will put you in direct focus. While people can overlook emails in their crowded inbox, they can’t avoid the text message. What makes some business owners and […]

A2P sms

What is A2P SMS?

A2P SMS means Application to Person Short Message Service. An answer tot he question, “What is A2P SMS?” is this is the service that used when messages are being sent from an application to a mobile user. This type of SMS is also known as enterprise or professional SMS. The message begins in a business […]